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Jim Green Trail

1.7 miles, moderate, mulit-use
The Jim Green trail is a very well hidden gem in Atascadero. It is a trail that is well suited for people, dogs, horses, and bikes. People of all ages can easily do this trail. It is a fun hike around a beautiful hill that is surrounded on one side by the Chalk Mountain Golf Course.

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Stadium Park Trails

2 trail options: just under 2 miles
Usage: Equestrians, Hikers, Joggers, Mountain Bikes, Dogs
Hike Difficulty: Varies, from Blue Oak being easy to Pine Mountain being Difficult

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Cerro Alto State Park (10.1 miles)

Cerro Alto Campground is a well-known hiking and mountain biking paradise. Visitors enjoy ample hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding opportunities, along with a 360-degree view of the Central California coast and inland valleys. The 4-mile Cerro Alto Trail, which leads to the peak, begins within the campground.

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Santa Margarita Lake (30.2 miles)

Grey Pine: 3.3 miles one-way to Vaca Flat, moderate, muliti-use
Lakeside: (unmarked)1.5 miles, dirt road along lake shore from Marina to White Oak, easy, multi-use
Blinn: 9.2 miles one-way (out and back mandatory), moderate to strenuous, multi-use
Sapwi: spur off Blinn after 3.4 miles, accessing Khus Camp (1 mile) and Sapwi Camp (2 miles), moderate, multi-use
Sandstone: 2.7 miles one-way (out and back mandatory), moderate to strenuous, multi-use
East River Road (Staging area for Blinn & Sandstone): 10 miles east of Santa Margarita Lake
Rocky: 1.8 miles one-way (out and back mandatory), moderate to strenuous, multi-use

Three Bridges Oak Preserve (3 miles)

The three-mile trail system consists of both multiuse (hikers, equestrians, bicyclists) and hiker-only sections.  The system begins at the 940’ elevation trailhead on the Meadow Trail across Atascadero Creek and up to the Oak Savannah Loop Trail.  These two trails together create a loop trail (up and back) approximately two miles long in the lower half of the Preserve. The trail takes one through a mixed riparian habitat, a grassland meadow, and up through oak woodland populated by several different species of native California oak trees including blue oak, coastal live oak, and canyon live oak.  Located on the eastern-facing slope of the property this loop trail will provide a shaded woodland hike that will be accessible and available for all ages of hikers, including children and seniors.  This loop trail will be multi-use and available to hikers, cyclists, and equestrians.


For more information on our Hiking Areas visit the County Parks Website

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