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International Red Panda Day

September 17, 2022

10am - 2pm

This Saturday, September 17th from 10-2 pm, with a Zookeeper talk at 11 am!


Did you know? Like Giant Pandas, Red Pandas have a pseudo-thumb. Their modified wrist bone is used to grab bamboo stems and tree branches. There will be many more fun facts, along with interactive games, coloring, and drawing activities at this event! Fun for all ages.


One of our goals at the Charles Paddock Zoo is conservation of species. Red Pandas are considered critically endangered. They are the only species of their kind and are ambassadors for a landscape that support over 500 million people: nearly 10% of the global human population. One of our partners is the Red Panda Network. They are committed to the conservation of wild red pandas and their habitat through educating and empowering local communities.

The Charles Paddock Zoo is located next to Atascadero Lake Park on Highway 41. All activities for National Red Panda Day are free with zoo admission. Regular general admission to the Zoo is $12/ person (Adults 13 & over); Ages 5-12 $8.00; Ages 3-4 $5.00; Seniors 65+ $10/ person, Children 2 and under are Free!

For more information about the Zoo, or call (805) 461-5080

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